called to love

Kathleen Fowle is an expressive  singer-songwriter, composer and worship leader.  Impacting cultures and generations, she celebrates an extensive music narrative along with ministry of over 25 years.  She has traveled the globe sharing God the Father's love and allowing that love to fuel community.  Kathleen is active as concert performer, worship leader, recording artist, songwriter, composer and retreat presenter.

Songwriter / Worship Leader / Evangelist

Kathleen's heart is to restore authentic worship to the Church:  Worship that is fully grounded in God's Holy Word, to mentor communities to worship Jesus in Spirit and in Truth.   Her passion is for the Church to grow from a broken place to restoration -- that a well-spring of love, healing and community can emerge.  Kathleen is focused - she is after God and invites you to join her, from her worship room or studio, or as a guest at your community. 


Songs...heard in the heart

Kathleen's songs are sung with voice but are also heard in the heart...People recognize their meaning and significance in the stories of their own hearts.

~ Rev. Michael Mannion, STL, MA

Above the Clouds

Entertainment vs. Worship

“So much of what passes for worship these days is really more about entertainment than worship. When Kathleen offered to present a “worship concert” for us, I believed that her focus would be on the Lord more than on “giving a performance.” I was definitely not disappointed!! What makes Kathleen’s music so powerful is that it flows out of her profound experience of God’s love and her deep heart to follow Jesus. And what  happens when she shares her music, is that others are drawn into Abba’s loving presence, even those who came expecting ‘a show.'” ~ Rev. Erwin Goedicke, D.Min., OH

“I know Kathleen personally…and can personally attest to her strong faith in Jesus Christ and his Gospel. Kathleen is a very gifted singer and musician, dedicating her unique talents to the glory of God and His Kingdom…I wish Kathleen all the very best as she continues to serve God by sharing her story of faith, witnessing to the power of God’s love and mercy, touching many people’s hearts and helping them to deepen their relationship with our Savior, Jesus Christ." 
​ ~ Rev. Richard D. LaVerghetta, NJ

"In your music I find the expression of my vocation.  I believe that many people can be close to Jesus no matter if they are single or married.  But the vowed person has no excuse not to put God first in their life.  The love song should be exclusively His.  That's the part of a vocation that many do not understand...your songs portray a person so in love with God that it leaves no other direction or love but Him.  The interpretation is purely personal, but in my state of life very refreshing.  I pray the world will get to praise God through your music." 

~ Sisters of the Most Precious Blood, NH