In addition to other titles, Kathleen is a missionary of 25+ years.  She has given her life to the Lord and to those whom He has called her.  When Kathleen served just one population of people, ie the homeless, or the incarcerated, she gained support because at the time people could visibly see in their ‘town’ the people she befriended.  Later as Kathleen served overseas, support came because people could easily identify with an overseas missionary.

Today Kathleen and her music reaches within and outside the U.S.  For most those whom she is touching cannot be ‘seen’ by you locally.  With her music landing in radio and producing music, it is incorrectly perceived that Kathleen no longer is a missionary and is well off financially.  Let the truth be known, Kathleen remains a missionary.

Kathleen’s commitment has been and remains “to preach good news to the poor” (and beyond).  With the additional title “Christian Artist,” for Kathleen it is not about hitting the radio charts.  Those charts may help convey the message, but rarely does airplay pay.  Most cannot sustain themselves on CD sales.  CDs, concerts and travel all have expenses on top of daily needs.    Kathleen relies on regular support for her day-to-day from everyday people like you.

If you have been touched by Kathleen’s journey; her music, newsletters, blog or her public sharing, please consider giving financially.  We believe if a person benefits in any way it is important to give within one’s ability.     The more that comes in the more Kathleen is able to do.   For example, Kathleen would like to do more with the disadvantaged and host events that promote missionaries striving to end poverty, hunger and related problems.  Her music is connected with these needs and therefore is very effective!  Let’s get this support raised so she can go to those who are hungry for this wonderful expression of God’s love that flows through her life!

Thank you.  ~  Kathleen’s Team

P.S.  To be a better steward of your gifts, and a steward of time and expense, Kathleen no longer holds a 501(c)3 organization.