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Contemporary Christian. 45+ min.  Features band with Kathleen on Piano & lead vocals. Written and arranged by Kathleen Fowle. 


Radio single and title track "Fly Free," landed #11 for songs of the year in global CHR Radio.  Click here to listen.


  1. Fly Free
  2. I Will Rely
  3. At Your Feet
  4. Duet (bonus track)
  5. Give It All
  6. My Beloved
  7. Take Flight (bonus track)
  8. By Your Blood (I Am Free)
  9. I Will Not Leave (Never Let Go of Me)
  10. I Choose You
  11. Is It Love
  12. Fly Free: The Sequel


  • "Fly Free reminds me of how much freedom I have found in accepting Jesus and His endless love. The healing that I have received over the past few years has given me such a strong desire to remain free and fly free no matter what is going on around me. Jesus continues to give me all I need as your music so beautifully reminds me."                                                 ~ R. McGuire, in memory


  • "I am adding songs # 1, 2, 3, 5, 10, and 11. I will be adding these songs to the rotation on the station as well. I am also going to add “I Will Rely” and “At Your Feet” to the Worship channel. I am very impressed with the entire CD.

                                                           ~ Tom Martin, The Spirit Radio


Fly Free

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