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Two by Two Express

About Us "...He sent them two by two..."

Founded in 2004, Two by Two Express is an arts collaboration of music publishing, record label, arts' events and worshipful productions. Collaboration requires community and that is where the arts thrive.

In association with CCLI and ASCAP, limited licenses are granted along with sheet music and score sales. Performance licenses must be obtained separately by contacting us directly.  Your purchase directly supports our artist's work.

Collaboration and Community

We work alongside communities for success events: worship, retreats, conferences and more. Fill out the form below to work with us on your event.

Radio & Broadcast Licensing

In order to use our catalogued music:  via CD/mp3 or public performance, you must obtain a License from us.  If you wish to photocopy our sheet music for performance, you also must obtain a License from us. (THINK "Generous License," yes, that's us!)  Otherwise, you are breaking the law (and hindering our future).  Our Licenses are fair, affordable and perhaps the most generous.  Several songs are actively airing for radio broadcast.  For any questions about radio, broadcast and licensing, please fill in the form below.  Expect a prompt reply.  Thank you so much for your interest!

Performance & Copy License

All Churches and Worship directors, please register all usage with  The registration with CCLI covers the performance of the song and lyrics.  Registering your usage with CCLI is not the same as a "Copy License."   CCLI does not cover a copy license for sheet music, parts or scores. 

A COPY LICENSE is for copying of music.  Please contact us (below) for a copy license.  As stated above, the law requires you to obtain a license from us.  Thank you!  

Let’s Work Together